Coaching workshop for Christian Leaders

coach_bookIn his book The COACH Model for Christian Leaders, Keith Webb describes a powerful set of skills that could be a game-changer for you – and your ministry. When he learned these skills his whole approach changed:

  • He moved from convincing people to releasing people.
  • Other people took more responsibility, more ownership, and were less critical.
  • He became more effective with people one-on-one.
  • His stress level went down and his schedule lightened, yet more ministry was accomplished.
  • He saw the application in people’s lives skyrocket.

Perhaps you are looking for ways to maximize your ministry effectiveness… In discipling others… In leading others… In equipping and empowering others.

Coaching skills can help you, not just how you do things – but the results you get.

Integrate powerful coaching skills into your leadership

People who take this workshop see significant advancements in their ministry impact, while seeing their stress and busy-ness go down. Coaching skills will increase your effectiveness in your various ministry and leadership roles.

It is not a new program for your church or another thing to add to your already busy schedule. It is an approach to doing ministry. It is a way of leading. Like it has done for Keith Webb and a growing number of leaders, it may save you time to minister in these ways.

And it is not just the basics. This workshop is made for those who are experienced as well as those who are not-so-experienced in ministry.

Most of what is in the book The COACH Model for Christian Leaders is covered and practiced in this Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders.

After the workshop you will be able to:

  • Listen actively so others feel understood.
  • Ask powerful questions that initiate a change of thinking.
  • Generate feedback that avoids defensiveness.
  • Design action steps that will actually be accomplished.
  • Follow-up to increase learning and accountability.

In addition, the program will cover:

  • Listen actively so others feel understood.
  • Naturally coaching using the COACH Model®.
  • Adopting the mindsets of transformational leaders.
  • How to integrate coaching skills into your existing leadership roles.

When you take the Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders, you get practical ministry skills training.

DL001_dBeutlerDaniel Beutler currently serves as part of the L2L team of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. His role is to facilitate the life-long learning interests of leaders and pastors in the areas of spiritual renewal, theological enrichment, and the acquisition of leadership skills, particularly in the area of coaching. Daniel is passionate about helping leaders and churches discern their next steps in joining God in what he desires to do in and through them.

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