Leaders2Learners January 2014


WHERE: 83 Henderson Hwy (upper room) Winnipeg, MB
WHEN: January 28 – 9:30am to 2:30pm


Hemorrhaging Faith: So What? Now What?

James PennerWith James Penner – youth sociologist, James Penner and Associates and lead author of Hemorrhaging Faith: Why and When Canadian Young Adults Are Leaving, Staying and Returning to The Church.

The 2012 Hemorrhaging Faith report addressed one of the most pressing questions posed by local churches across the nation: Why are young people unplugging from church and faith?Young adults no longer attend church, many have stopped identifying themselves with the Christian tradition in which they were raised. They have given up and resigned to atheism or agnosticism, or are searching for another form of spirituality.

Having listened intently to the voices of young people across our nation, the church is pressed with another vital question: How should we respond?

The goal behind this intensive lab, is to get practical. We will talk openly about the challenges facing young people in this new millennium and how the church might respond, to foster an environment where younger generations can experience intimacy with God.

We will examine the church’s role in helping parents assist their children to become lifelong followers of Jesus. We will talk candidly about beliefs and practices that are worth preserving – and the ones that need to be deconstructed.

Lastly, we’ll focus in on the issue of vibrant community for the sake of building God’s glorious church. Come ready to engage and leave ready to make a difference.

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