Church Unity 3

Church Unity Project 3: Group Facilitation Skills

After two very successful equipping events, we are now planning module three of the Church Unity Project, Group Facilitation Skills. This training event will take place Friday October 3 (7-9pm) and Saturday, October 4, 2014 (9am-4pm) in Winnipeg. Brian Strom (Director, Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution in…


Gathering 2014 diary

I recently had the privilege of attending Gathering 2014, The Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches semi-annual general meetings in Vancouver, BC. The following diary is from the perspective of a first-time attendee. It also provides a point of view of someone who is not a member of an…

Psalm 131 by Wilfried Joye

Does praying include listening?

In the late 1970s I was inspired by Keith Green’s song “Make my life a prayer to you / I wanna do what you want me to / no empty words and no  white lies / no token prayers, no compromise” (as sung by Matthew Ward of the…

Photo by Leo Seta via Flickr Creative Commons

Dip or Cliff?

Have you ever started doing something that was against your better judgement but you kept going, somehow hoping that things would turn around eventually but instead you hit a cliff? I’m afraid of heights and at 1.92 I find my head is already far enough…

Welcome Mat And Boots

Showing Up

Tuesday evening, my wife and I were delighted when one of our sons stopped by our house. He was returning our pickup after borrowing it for some errands. We invited him to sit and visit awhile. We talked about work, families, studies—the regular things of our lives. We were delighted that he showed up.

No ordinary leadership book

Recently I was asked to describe my favourite leadership book. Thinking in the moment, this question should have been a very difficult question to answer. I have been influenced by great publications on the subject by both secular and Christian authors. There are many great…

Reverse engineering disciples

What’s involved in the shaping process of a disciple? Perhaps it’s a sign of aging but I really enjoy watching the show “How it’s made (HIM)” a simple and yet informative reverse engineering show. The half-hour show usually provides the historical background of at least…


Leading from the Back

If you are anything like me, you probably have a shelf in your personal library reserved for books on leadership.  Most authors and experts in the area of leadership will advise us that a good leader leads by exerting influence. The clear call from most…


Leading through Change – Part 1

The three “F’s” of Change If you have ever been part of church leadership or participated in congregational meetings, then you would know that Churches rarely change and when change occurs, they are slow and many times painful. Part of the mandate given to leadership…


Look forward to Elton’s blog here

With the launch of a new website comes a new blog with Elton DaSilva, Executive Director of MBCM.  Elton is looking forward to sharing ministry insights that equip, resource and inspire.  His blogging will be topical and relevant for ministry leaders.