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Dave Ens, Campus Pastor
Greg Armstrong, Chaplain

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188 Princess St.
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1L2


“So, this guy gives his life to Christ in jail. He goes to chapels; talks with the chaplain; connects with the church groups that come & serve there. He is released a few months later…and then what?”

“So, this woman gives her life to Christ in church. She goes to services; talks with the pastor; serves in a few ministry groups. She sits in the pews for a few decades…and then what?”

One88 is a deliberate, conversational community that seeks to deal with the “and then what?”.  It is idealistic enough to believe that the faith community can be a rich, demographically diverse community that worships, serves, and sojourns together. You’re welcome to join us to talk about and experience what that means in the Exchange district of Winnipeg.

Dave Ens (campus pastor) and Greg Armstrong (chaplain) give leadership to this campus initiative of Eastview Community Church.





Dave Ens or Greg Armstrong (204) 504-8118
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