Congregational Services

The office of Congregational Services provides a wealth of resources and consulting services related to the effective and appropriate management of human resources, church administration and legal compliance.  This office is a direct resource to treasurers, personnel committees and governance committees.

Human Resource Policy 
The health and vitality of a congregation is significantly impacted by the well-being of church staff.  Every congregation is responsible to provide careful supervision and evaluation of hired staff and volunteers.  Establishing pastoral search, exit, grievance procedures, salary grids and evaluation processes is important and detailed work.  The office of congregational services provides substantial assistance on these matters.

Church Administration
Managing a church organization is not a small task.  Ensuring that every aspect of the church’s operation is functioning within appropriate frameworks including a constitution, policies and job descriptions can be overwhelming.  MBCM has developed an incredibly extensive Organizational Manual with customizable templates for all aspects of church administration.  These resources are all freely available to church administrators who request access through an account with  We strongly encourage use of these exceptional resources.

Government and Legal Compliance
As a non-profit organization in Canada that offers numerous programs and public events for the good of Canadians, churches have numerous legal obligations that function as safeguards for all involved including safe-place policy, donation receipting, filing Canada Revenue Agency documents and rental policies.  The Safe-Place Policy requires consistent assessment of volunteers working with children under 18 years of age, and requires ongoing reporting to MBCM.  MBCM negotiates insurance on behalf of member churches related to liability issues.  The office of congregational services manages contact with churches to ensure compliance.