Pastoral Ministries

In Manitoba we are blessed to have many great leaders pastoring our churches. These men and women of God deserve our very best in terms of care, support and resourcing. The office of Pastoral Ministries, under the leadership of Jason Dyck oversees four very important areas.

Church unity

When conflict arises in the church, it is important for a pastor and the congregation to be properly resourced to deal with it.  Pastoral ministries has developed a number of resources to help churches function in unity.

Pastoral Care

We aim to provide care for our pastors in a number of different ways, such as: Retreats, personal visitation, bursaries for continuing education, peer connections etc.


The office of pastoral ministries is responsible for properly credentialing our pastors in Manitoba.  We offer support to our congregations throughout the discerning and search process for a pastor.  The process for credentialing, involves an interview with the Provincial Faith & Life Team, pastoral questionnaire, and participation in a pastoral orientation.

Theological and ethical watchcare

Pastoral ministries, together with the Provincial Faith and Life Team(PFLT), keep watch over our theological and ethical integrity. Jason Dyck, along with the members of the PFLT, make themselves available to pray, discern, and discuss doctrinal or ethical issues, pertinent to the life of our churches