An introduction to 5C Focused Ministry

What is 5C Focused Ministry?

5C Focused Ministry is a spiritual discernment process to help churches rediscover their mission.

Our facilitated process helps you discover God’s will for their ministry and develop a strategy for moving forward. 5C Focused Ministry presents concepts aimed at helping your church find clarity for your next ministry steps.

The five Cs stand for the different groups of people your ministry will interact with: community, crowd, connected, core, commissioned. Each have different needs specific to their spiritual growth. The 5C model provides a framework and language that can you can apply externally and internally to further the mission of the church. 5C Focus Ministry will lead you through a process of assessment and discernment of your church’s ability to effectively engage in all five areas.


The Hearing God workshop – This initial workshop is approximately two hours in length and happens a minimum of eight weeks before the 5C Focused Ministry leaders’ retreat. The purpose of Hearing God is to deepen your understanding of prayer. In the workshop we explore concepts that improve our ability to position ourselves to hear what God is saying to us and His church.

Facilitated prayer encounters – The host church creates opportunity for individual and collective prayer. Each participant receives a guided journal as they follow the routine of daily prayer and listening.

Leaders’ retreat – A weekend retreat where leaders appointed by the church, share what they have heard God saying to them. Together we will create a strategic plan for achieving Spirit-led ministry goals.

Follow-up  – Our team does regular follow-up meetings with the pastor and chair of the board (or other leaders as appointed by the church). This serves as a progress report and allows for assessment, coaching and adjustment as necessary.

To schedule 5C Focused Ministry for your church, contact Gerald Dyck at (204) 654-5771 /