Announcement from Gerald

Announcement from Gerald

After 3 amazing years serving with the MBCM team, it is with a grateful heart that I am saying goodbye to take the position of Lead Pastor at Westside Community Church back in my hometown of Morden. I will slowly begin to transition in the coming months with the end of May being my final week here in the office.

I have been incredibly blessed and encouraged by the wonderful people I have been able to work with over the past number of years. It is with gratitude that I transition into this new season of ministry. Although I will remain connected and plugged into the greater MB family, I will certainly miss the consistent interactions with our amazing pastors, church staff and congregations.

I look forward to the journey ahead and am confident in the work God is doing with and through our provincial conference. A sincere thanks to those who encouraged and inspired me along the way. You have been great people and great churches to work with over the years! Bless you in your continued service and ministry.

Gerald Dyck.

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