Assembly 2012 workshops

Building the Church as a House of Prayer, Connan Kublik

 The Church was born out of a prayer meeting that resulted in an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and conversions to Jesus.  The church started in prayer and survives and thrives today out of the practice of prayer.  Training and developing churches to pray then must be an urgent priority lest we be cut off from our very lifeblood. This session considers practical ways of how to build churches into houses of prayer.


Reaching Your Community through Prayer, Justine Hwang & Leah Yin

In Jeremiah 29:7 says, “Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.” The fate and future of God’s people is tied to the well being of the city. In this session we will explore (and practice!) ways of praying for the church in the city – for God to restore the foundations of the temple/church and empower his people to build her city walls.


God Speaks, are we Attentive? Lloyd and Carol Letkeman

Whether it is through scripture, the community or our circumstances, we all sense God is interacting with us. What can we do to be attentive to God’s voice in our daily life and ministry? This session is designed to be an introduction to being attentive and recognizing the promptings of God. We’ll look at Biblical characters who were attentive and the many ways God has chosen to speak to, prompt or communicate with his people. Lloyd and Carol welcome interaction and discussion around the topic. There will be time to practice being attentive and to discuss our various experiences.


Praying the Scriptures, Mary Reimer

How is the Word of God speaking to you, here and now? Many Christians struggle to experience the Word of God as “living and active”- speaking clearly into our lives as we make ourselves available. Our lives often do not welcome stillness or silence into them. This workshop provides a way of being present to the Living Word of God through the ancient practice of Lectio Divina. We will look at the definition, historical development, forms, and gifts of this practice with the purpose of equipping participants, individually and as a group, to enjoy a refreshing and renewing way of reading scripture.  ”The Word of God is living and active: it probes the thoughts and motives of our heart.” Hebrews 4:12


Priorities of Prayer, Justine Hwang and Connan Kublik

Every believer desires to pray. Yet we often struggle to pray. How can we move through this inertia? We need to know the “why” of prayer – a compelling purpose and direction. We need to know the “how” of prayer – Jesus offers help. The secret to growing in faith and the key to reaching the world are found in the Jesus’ prayer. Come to this session to spark your fire by soaking in this prayer personally, and in community. Go from here ready to infuse the rest of your life with the power of Jesus’ prayer.


Praying for the Lost, John Smed

Today there is an undercurrent of thirst for spiritual experience. Prayer is a common current to all faiths and is a bridge to the seeker. This session will explore a simple way to connect with seekers and engage them directly with God through prayer – from praying for seekers, teaching seekers how to pray, and praying directly with seekers to introduce them to Jesus.


Cross-centered Preaching – Bad News Lesson, Sermons and Teachings?
Victor Neufeld

Do our sermons, teachings and Sunday school lessons encourage legalism and moralism? How can we preach & teach Biblical imperatives without undermining the gospel of Grace through faith alone?

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