The Mind and Attitude of Jesus

September 23, 2021

Cam Priebe
MBCM Provincial Director

Lately, I’ve been focused on John 13 and finding encouragement and hope in the way Jesus loves his disciples. First, even in the midst of a chaotic feeling of knowing that death and suffering are imminent, he chooses to sit and have dinner with those he loves, even those who he knows will betray him. He then decides to serve them by washing their feet.

That image of Jesus washing feet has been present with me recently. I think of it often during meetings or while listening to people. Jesus’ posture would be to pay attention to their needs, and he seeks to love and serve them well. When things feel just beyond my control, or when I wish circumstances were different, I’m reminded that Jesus is sitting with us. Jesus is fully present with those he loves, those that will ultimately betray him and those that will deny him. He chooses to kneel and minister to the needs of the moment. I’m comforted by that image.

I’m praying for you as church leaders and MBCM churches that you would experience the love of Jesus in practical ways. In the unknown, constant change and questions of the next best step – Jesus is sitting in with us. I’m praying that as we interact with others, we would have the love of Jesus to sit with people and make every effort to truly understand others. I’m praying for patience, grace, and understanding and that we would have the mind and attitude of Jesus.