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MBCM Town Hall for a Constitution Review

We are hosting a Town Hall Meeting October 27 at 7 pm online to introduce and discuss the review teams recommended changes to the MBCM Constitution.

MB Graduate Studies: Andrew Dyck

You know, this is my third career. I was a physiotherapist and then a pastor, and now a professor. I realized some years ago that it didn’t matter what work I was doing; I always shifted towards the education side of things.

The Mind and Attitude of Jesus

Lately, I’ve been focused on John 13 and finding encouragement and hope in the way Jesus loves his disciples. First, even in the midst of a chaotic feeling of knowing that death and suffering are imminent, he chooses to sit and have dinner with those he loves, even those who he knows will betray him. He then decides to serve them by washing their feet.

Fourth Avenue Church

During this COVID reality, we have experienced differences in opinions and perspectives around the pandemic, but overall, people have been respectful. We continue to find ways to engage in relevant conversations. In our adult Bible School, we are unpacking the book of Revelation with an approach of “let’s be ready” but not getting consumed by all the conspiracy theories.

Elmwood MB Church

Revitalize – that probably articulates best what we have been trying to do at Elmwood. Though the theme of ‘Revitalize’ was present to Elmwood before the pandemic hit in early 2020, it still continues through to today. Elmwood MB Church is over 100 years old, but one is never too old to hear the gospel.

Pastoral Transitions

We need pastors. Pastors are our teachers, our leaders, the ones who carry our burdens in ways that others can’t or won’t. They won’t reject us in our most revealing moments. They are endlessly hopeful, to the point that we tend to believe it must be the Holy Spirit, ‘cause ‘ain’t no one that optimistic in real life! They guide us to Jesus and inspire confidence that God is trustworthy and holy, worthy of all honor and glory.

Say Hello to Liam!

My name is Liam Bull. I’m a 23-year-old college student studying at Steinbach Bible College enrolled in the bachelor’s of Marketplace Ministry program. My home church is The Meeting Place, located in Winnipeg’s downtown core area. 

MB GTE Affiliation Update

We are very grateful to have established a new 3-year affiliation with MB Seminary, CCMBC and CMU to continue offering a Manitoba Mennonite Brethren pathway in graduate-level training…

We have found harmony!

“The church was almost divided into two. Almost…They had already presented and shown the church leaders their vision, so why were they being asked to change now? After a LOT of discussions, we agreed that it is not about the name; it is about the vision….We have found harmony.”

Boats, Booths and the Body

Our church has found itself living in the third camp for the past 15 months. There is an acceptance that COVID is among us and a desire to find ways to live well through it. A recent example of this was the SOAR program run by Multiply at the end of March.