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A New Season for Janelle Braun

Janelle Braun has been working with MBCM for five years in the area of Leadership Development. She has been on maternity leave for the last year with her second son and will not be returning to work this fall. We want to look back at…

Pastoral Transitions

We need pastors. Pastors are our teachers, our leaders, the ones who carry our burdens in ways that others can’t or won’t. They won’t reject us in our most revealing moments. They are endlessly hopeful, to the point that we tend to believe it must be the Holy Spirit, ‘cause ‘ain’t no one that optimistic in real life! They guide us to Jesus and inspire confidence that God is trustworthy and holy, worthy of all honor and glory.

Say Hello to Liam!

My name is Liam Bull. I’m a 23-year-old college student studying at Steinbach Bible College enrolled in the bachelor’s of Marketplace Ministry program. My home church is The Meeting Place, located in Winnipeg’s downtown core area. 

One specific adjusment for churches

I’ve been thinking about one particular change. I know most, if not all, of our churches have worked on this specific adjustment at one point or another. Some have made it a priority. Some churches have had great success, others less. Before I explain this adjustment that I’m alluding to, I’m going to make a few generalized observations.

Get to know Jason Dyck with 10 questions!

What are you reading right now?I love insight, and I find books to be a great source. Books I am currently reading are: Paul and Gender by Cynthia Westfall for the second time, Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes by Richards and O’Brien, and A Preliminary Look at Flourishing Congregations in…

Get to know Cam Priebe with 10 questions!

What are you reading right now?Our supper and study group is going through the Gospel of Luke right now.  I just finished re-reading Faithful Presence by David Fitch. Starting to read The first 90 days, by Michael Watkins (because it is my first 90 days ? ) Also,…

Get to know Amanda with 10 questions!

What are you reading right now?Under the Predictable Plant – Eugene Peterson & Beyond Incarceration:  Safety and True Criminal Justice – Paul Mallea If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?Juggling Anything.  Public Speaking.  Song Writing Who’s someone…

Get to know Bomba with 10 questions!

What are you reading right now?The way of the warrior – Erwin McmanusLetters to the church – Francis ChanKing Raven Trilogy – Stephen R. Lawhead If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?Singing, playing drums and drawing. Who’s…