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Say Hello to Liam!

My name is Liam Bull. I’m a 23-year-old college student studying at Steinbach Bible College enrolled in the bachelor’s of Marketplace Ministry program. My home church is The Meeting Place, located in Winnipeg’s downtown core area. 

MB GTE Affiliation Update

We are very grateful to have established a new 3-year affiliation with MB Seminary, CCMBC and CMU to continue offering a Manitoba Mennonite Brethren pathway in graduate-level training…

We have found harmony!

“The church was almost divided into two. Almost…They had already presented and shown the church leaders their vision, so why were they being asked to change now? After a LOT of discussions, we agreed that it is not about the name; it is about the vision….We have found harmony.”

Boats, Booths and the Body

Our church has found itself living in the third camp for the past 15 months. There is an acceptance that COVID is among us and a desire to find ways to live well through it. A recent example of this was the SOAR program run by Multiply at the end of March.

A Call to Reconciliation

Our thanks to Kathy Rieder Heppner(Fort Gary MB) for providing this list of ways to engage and learn about the history of the residential schools in Canada. We share these with Kathy’s permission.

Turn the next corner

April brings with it a season of change. The snow melts away, giving space for what was hidden beneath it to wake up. Spring can signify new beginnings and can be energizing! But this spring feels a bit mixed to me.

God at work at Westside Community Church

How we’ve seen God at work at WCC this past year? Wow, what a question! It’s been a year of “survival.” We’ve attempted to learn as much as possible by viewing The challenge as an opportunity.

Words from Janelle Braun…

Could it really be 2021 already? For most of us, 2020 was a strange year. One filled with new realities, new obstacles, new blessings and an ever-changing “new normal.” Although each of us carried our own unique experience this past year, we all carried a shared reality. Things had to be done differently.

Prayer Requests (Nov 2020)

NEWS thinking design, creative solutions – Pray for people in our community as they look for housing as the cold approaches. Pray for perseverance & courage as they seek to get off the street. Pray for those of us who are advocating and trying to…