Council of Representatives 2022

The Council of Representatives meeting is an annual business meeting hosted by the MBCM board. We hope for representation from all of our churches with an invitation specifically to church moderators, lead pastors and, when possible, one other. If your church does not currently have a moderator and/or lead pastor, we invite you to designate someone else within your congregation who would attend.

Looking for the videos shown at the CR? Follow the links below.

Treasurer Report Slides


8:30 am — Doors open | Coffee’s On

9:00 am — Welcome | Business | Vision 

Budget UpdateMelanie Penner, Treasurer

Board Members & Slate Update –Konrad Loewen, Secretary

MBCM Constitution Review Update  – Constitution Review Team

Provincial Faith and Life Update – Jason Dyck will be updating on the
collaborative credentialing policy
and the upcoming Pastor’s Credentialing Orientation event in Winnipeg, 2023.

Vision – Cam Priebe will update on 3 of our 4 strategic priority areas

 10:30 am — Coffee & Snack Break 

10:45 am — Leadership Development Dialogue

The development of leaders in MBCM churches is a priority. This session will be devoted to dialogue
in small and large groups, discerning how we might approach this challenge in our current context.  

12:30 pm — Round Table Lunch

1:30 pm — MBCM Board Update regarding Jubilee Mennonite Church 

Dave Ens, Moderator, will provide an overview of the timeline and constitutional process regarding Jubilee Mennonite Church’s recent statement of inclusion that finds itself in sharp disagreement with our shared confession, specifically our conviction that marriage is a covenant relationship intended to unite a man and a woman for life. Jubilee leaders will also have time to share from their perspective. This will be followed by a time for questions for the MBCM Board. 

3:00 pm — Adjourn