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Thank you so much for the ways that you have generously given to your churches in this season. Foodbanks and drop-in centres have seen an overall decrease in donations since the covid-19 pandemic…read more

One88 is in need of essentials:

Milk, juice, Lysol wipes, infant formula, dry goods (pasta, sauce, canned meats/veggies), toilet paper.

Contact Dave Ens  |  |  204-918-2235

Living Word Wpg is in need of following

  • Canned goods, pasta, milk vouchers, bread, toilet paper
  •  A chest freezer for the 710 Aberdeen location for food storage.

Contact Paul Winter  |  |  204-218-7239

Donate towards the Living Word Food bank.

Message from Freedom house (formerly Walls of Freedom)
We have seen a huge increase in number from our normal breakfast program which feeds 45 people on average daily. Last Wednesday we distributed 120 packs. We expect this number to stay high due to other organizations closing or cutting back on services.

Freedom House has suspended all of our gatherings, but we acknowledge that there is still a need in our community. We want to continue to provide meals and a foodbank that is much needed in the community we serve.

Contact Derrick for ways to help:
1. Food supplies: Milk, juice, pasta, sauce, canned meats/veggies, bread

2. We need 4-5 volunteers/days and times are – Sunday 3 to 4 pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 10 to 11 am. These volunteers will be pre-packing lunches.  The lunches will later be distributed by staff outside the building.

For the volunteer work space we have created a spread out workflow system in our kitchen and dining hall area to ensure that our team that is preparing and packing food are at least 2 meters apart from each other. All of our team are required to wash their hands every 20 minutes and have to use gloves at all times.

Please note that we take the warning and instructions from Government and health authorities very seriously, to this end we have taken the above steps to ensure that we adhere to protocols and to safeguard our volunteers and community.

Derrick Moodley   |   |   204-229-8224

Questions for MBCM churches to consider
when processing a physical re-opening strategy

In light of Manitoba’s change to permitted group size, your church will face the challenging question of “when/how are we going to physically open?” We’ve compiled some questions intended to assist in those challenging conversations and plans. We don’t see these questions as exhaustive, but as a sound place to begin your discernment and strategic process.

COVID-19 Resources

Please note that due to the nature of this pandemic, information is constantly evolving. We strive to help you stay informed and up to date.

Is your congregation responding to COVID-19 needs in your community? Are there more needs than you can handle? Do you need additional financial resources? Mennonite Disaster Service Canada may be able to help through its Spirit of MDS Fund.

A total of $100,000 is being a made available. Grants will be a maximum $1,000, although there can be some flexibility on a case-by-case basis. Click here to view details and eligibility.

We strongly encourage you to stay up to date with the latest information from the Government of Canada

Grief observed: leading my first funeral in the COVID-19 era by Jon Neufeld (The Meeting Place, Winnipeg)  Read the full story

The CCMBC National Ministry Team held virtual town hall meetings to discuss issues facing our churches during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Topics include:
  • Taking church online: Identifying tools, resources and platforms to stream services online.

  • Being the Church in challenging times: Pastoring in a season of social distancing.

  • Church finances and insurance

Each session was recorded can be viewed here.
Additionally, useful PDF resources are available for download.

Sharing best practices & resources

The current landscape presents some unique challenges & opportunities for how we “do church”.
We invite your input on the best practices you are experiencing and considering .

Many pastors and church leaders are delivering sermons remotely for the first time, as in-person worship has become impossible due to COVID-19.

How best can preachers foster meaningful encounters with the good news of Jesus, even as congregation and preacher are physically dispersed?

MennoMedia’s Leader magazine is hosted a discussion with a panel of Anabaptist pastors and church leaders to unpack practical advice as well as theological considerations for effective online preaching.

Click to watch the video.

The COVID-19 limitations on the size of gatherings suddenly thrust the churches in Canada into the world of house church. This is a world that we know well from reading the New Testament and from our study of the Early Church, but one that most of us have not personally experienced. View the conversation hosted by CCMBC on how to make the most of the benefits that a house church offers and avoid the pitfalls that may come with it.

View the recording

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