Mary Anne Isaak

River East Mennonite Brethren Church

Being a pastor is a little like watercolor painting. Lately, I’ve been learning to watercolor. First, the planning--imagining the picture and sketching it out in pencil. Then the risky, fun part --applying paint to wet paper. It’s the unplanned blending-running-mixing of colors that creates the most beautiful aspects of the painting. For me, being a pastor is a little like watercolor painting. The Scriptures fire my imagination of what the kingdom of God can look like in our congregation. Sketching out the picture comes through conversations and careful planning. And then, like watercolor, beauty is created in the unplanned blending-running-mixing of ideas, dreams, needs and gifts of everyone in church The details of my life and involvement become a part of the bigger picture of God at work in and through the church.

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