(CLOSED) Employment Opportunity: Director of Church Ministry

This job posting has been closed we are no longer receiving applications.  Thank you to all that had made submissions.

The Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba is seeking applicants for the position of Director of Church Ministry.

The Director of Church Ministry will report to the Provincial Director and is responsible to assist in implementing the strategic plan for MBCM, and to provide leadership towards carrying out the four main core areas of Building Community, Developing Leaders, Multiplying Churches, and Resourcing Churches.

Key Deliverables and Results

Building Community

  • Along with the Provincial Director, develop and deliver MBCM-led provincial events such as Nuts & Bolts, Pastors Retreat, Regional Meetings, Regional Pastoral Crews, and Assembly etc.

Developing Leaders

  • Credentialing and Ordination of MBCM Pastors
  • Developing Leaders and provide support to MBCM Pastors

Multiplying Churches

  • Helping foster an environment for church planting, and a multiplication culture among existing churches
  • Assisting regional church planting director with event planning and resource deployment as required

Resourcing Churches

  • Meeting the expressed needs of the local church with appropriate resources
  • Play a role in the delivery of renewal programs and workshops such as Focused Ministry

What are the Key Capabilities Required?

  • Church Ministry Experience
  • Administrative and planning abilities
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Event leadership experience
  • Program implementation

What is the ideal range of experience associated with the role?

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated leadership experience and have close knowledge of the dynamics and ethos of churches. The candidate should have experience with pastoral ministry and church leadership.

What education is required to be successful in the role? What education / specializations would be beneficial?

Degree or certificate in a relevant discipline. Preference will be given to graduates of church ministry or theological programs. A combination of education and experience will be considered.

Faith and MB Church Membership

The ideal candidate must have an active and vibrant faith in Jesus Christ and a love of the local church. The candidate must be a member in good standing in his/her local church and adhere to the MB Confession of Faith. The candidate must be willing to join an MB church if not already a member.

This job posting has been closed we are no longer receiving applications.  Thank you to all that had made submissions.