Assembly 2018 Workshops

FRIDAY, March 2, 2018

Four Villains of Decision Making – Dan Doerksen (C244)

Have you ever made the wrong decision? Has your church? Both experience and research confirm that when it comes to making decisions, our brains are flawed instruments. We’re overconfident. We’re biased. We’re emotional beings. As believers, we have the added challenge of figuring how to incorporate the leading of the Spirit into the mix as well. Learn what processes we can put in place to overcome the 4 most common villains of decision making.

MB Seminary: Coming Alongside – Mark Wessner and Pierre Gilbert (B132)

Explore how missional impact can increase through education and leadership development in an interactive discussion about resources, training, and partnerships provided to churches and leaders by MB Seminary.

Rediscovering the Power of Parish – Elton DaSilva (Auditorium)

The early Church understood that identifying a geographical (or peoples) boundary in which to minister was paramount to mission. Jesus Himself was clear that His mission was to the Jews. Later, the concept of parish was established, and it became the area of focus of a church. In most parishes, the church stood at the centre atop a hill, visible to all. Over the years however, the church moved away from the parish focus, to a more eclectic approach to mission and responsibility.  Today’s Church longs to connect with its community but has lost sight of who its neighbours really are. It’s time for the Church to rediscover the concept of parish.

Celebrating Through Storytelling – Carson Samson (B126)

Before there were marketing agencies and ad campaigns, and long before social media, there was the story. Big ideas, shared experiences and deep convictions are best expressed in story-form. Storytelling is also an effective way to encourage others and celebrate people and accomplishments. Everybody has a story to tell, but not everybody has the means or platform do so effectively. How is your church making room for people to share their faith stories? How does your church share its story with the world around them? In Celebrating Through Storytelling, MBCM’s Carson Samson will explore the effectiveness of storytelling and will share tips, techniques and practical resources to help you hone your storytelling skills.

Multiplying Mature Disciples for Missional Church Planting – Dr. Nzuzi Mukawa and Doug Hiebert (D176 in the music wing)

Dr. Nzuzi Mukawa is Regional Team Leader for mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is a pastor, educated with a PhD from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago, IL. He is a passionate servant of God for church planting via healthy local churches, and via the national Mennonite Brethren church. He has trained hundreds of pastors through the Christian University of Missiology, workshops in rural areas, and radio ministry. He also has operated an orphanage, leading children to health and faith. Since 2011 he has planted 6 churches, 19 cells (Bible study in homes) and trained 58 missional church planters.

SATURDAY, March 3, 2018

Developing Leaders: A Collaborative Approach  – Janelle Braun (Large 2nd floor boardroom)

We believe that all Christ followers are called to be trained in the way of Jesus. Within MBCM’s model of leadership development, we gather resources that support the growth and development of emerging missional leaders in the Church and surrounding community. By collaboratively working alongside others, we walk with and equip churches as they seek to disciple and call out leaders in their midst. We value your input! Join us to hear more about where we are headed and how you play an integral part in this process!

Worship: Time for a Checkup? – Christine Longhurst (Auditorium)

Let’s talk about worship. What’s working well? What isn’t? How do we decide which new practices to adopt, or songs to sing? Where do we go when things aren’t working well, or we’re looking for a change? How can we work together to strengthen our corporate worship services?

Implementing Safe Place Policy in Your Church – Audry Goertzen (B132)

There’s a new Safe Place policy that each church has to implement. That sentence strikes many with feelings of overwhelming stress, confusion, and frustration. The good news is that the MBCM team exists to equip, resource, and inspire, even when it comes to abuse prevention policies. Come learn the implementation steps, the resources available, and why the policy is about more than insurance and legal requirements.

Different Shaped Stone – Paul Winter and Paul Kroeker (C167)

The Kingdom of God on the move across our nation, from first Canadians to new Canadians. It is happening in places we have called stony ground. And yet, the love of Jesus is being “gossiped” in unusual ways, into unlikely locations, by people who have been uniquely prepared to share the love of Jesus with their own people. Their stories will challenge us, awaken us and call us to prayer. Is your church a church on mission: locally? nationally? globally? Are you? Join us to be inspired and to ask how you and your church can become involved in reaching every tribe and every nation with the good news of the gospel, beginning in our own communities.

How Good Boards Govern – Elton DaSilva (B126)

There’s a thin line that divides a well-functioning board from a dysfunctional one. It’s not well-written policies, personnel, or governance styles that separates the good boards from the not-so-good ones. Boards function best when they have wrestled with—and understand—why they exist. During this workshop, we will explore several key concepts that will help us understand the philosophies necessary in order for boards to govern well.