Family Life Network becomes Square One World Media

Square One World Media previews Micah’s Super Vlog at their September 18 launch event.

Winnipeg, Manitoba – As of September 18, 2014, Square One World Media (S1WM) completed the transition to its new identity. The culmination of a two-year process of discernment and planning, the change is intended to clearly communicate the organization’s mission and activity, and articulate a foundational vision for the future.

Claude Pratte, Executive Director, explains the meaning of the new name this way: “Square One” represents our commitment to producing media content that takes audiences back to the Gospel where new life begins. World Media communicates exactly what it is that we do which is develop, produce and distribute media content with a global reach.”

S1WM’s vision for moving forward focuses on reaching as wide an audience as possible, pursuing this goal by seeking to diversify and broaden its support base, as well as by producing new television programs for North American audiences and creating an online media resource library.

S1WM is launching with 22 media projects, in six languages. Continuing projects include: popular Spanish radio and television programs that broadcast on more than 1600 stations in 32 countries; Low German radio programs that reach over a half-million potential listeners; Arabic short films/television series that are broadcast to a potential of 9 million viewers in the Middle East and North Africa (with a new North American version of the show in development); Ukrainian and Russian-language television and radio programs for all ages.

Exciting new initiatives include television programs set to begin airing nationwide on Hope TV in 2015, including two new series Beautiful Unique Girl, a show for teen girls and Micah’s Super Vlog!, an animated series for kids.

Tannis Hogue, Manager of Development & Communications, sees S1WM’s new identity and projects as an opportunity to fill a real need in the Christian media industry: “From our discussions with broadcasters, we know there’s a demand for creative, impactful media content that boldly proclaims the name of Jesus. We’re dedicated to producing that content and distributing it as broadly as possible in order to reach as many people as possible.”

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