Fourth Avenue Church

September 21, 2021

Abe Klassen
Lead Pastor

Encouragement and hope during the pandemic.

During this COVID reality, we have experienced differences in opinions and perspectives around the pandemic, but overall, people have been respectful. We continue to find ways to engage in relevant conversations. In our adult Bible School, we are unpacking the book of Revelation with an approach of “let’s be ready” but not getting consumed by all the conspiracy theories.

There have been some challenges in people’s lives around marriages and financial circumstances, followed by some incredible miracles where folks have seen significant help in economic and relational situations even over a short period. While this can be a lonely and depressing time for some, we’ve continued to make efforts to connect with people even through doorstep visits. 

In the midst of challenges, we are constantly reminded that God is still working by providing strength and courage. Some people were struggling with their spiritual lives and have now come back to the faith!  There are stories of healing that can only be attributed to God’s divine intervention. Lives are being changed. God is at work. We are grateful for how He provides guidance and direction during these times.

Our programming opens up this Sunday, and we are excited to see full engagement from the congregation already. Pray that we would be unified with a Christ-centered focus. Pray that we would honour God with our lives and foster a desire to worship and praise Jesus. Pray that our leaders would be caring, loving and respectful, despite various opinions.