Church Unity Project 3: Group Facilitation Skills

After two very successful equipping events, we are now planning module three of the Church Unity Project, Group Facilitation Skills.

This training event will take place Friday October 3 (7-9pm) and Saturday, October 4, 2014 (9am-4pm) in Winnipeg.

Brian Strom (Director, Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution in Ottawa) will be our trainer. This workshop will focus on biblically based processes and the skills and techniques necessary to lead group meetings in ways that engage people, and increase their commitment to the Church’s ministry and vision. You will learn:

  • How to make your congregational meetings more alive, harmonious and productive;
  • How to achieve greater buy-in for God’s vision for outreach and ministry;
  • Ways of designing exciting and engaging meetings with groups of different sizes;
  • How to help groups in conflict reach consensus

Group Facilitation Skills is open – free of charge – to any MB Church that wishes to participate. We will provide meals, materials and lots of practical training. Online registration is now closed.