House Blend Ministries closing fall 2017

After 10 years of creating caring communities in West Broadway and beyond, the House Blend board made a decision to close House Blend Ministries. This decision was made after prayerful consideration of House Blend’s resources and vision, and noting the emergence of other ministries and services with related mandates. The closing will take effect this fall.

House Blend Ministries has made a significant impact on the lives of many people:

  • those who participated in community functions,
  • those who lived in the house,
  • those who experienced educational events, and
  • those who sought meaningful ways to share God’s love.

This year has been marked by significant changes. In January, House Blend reviewed their ministry capacity and agreed to sell the house they have owned for seven years. They intended to refocus on their core mission: addressing relational poverty by creating caring communities. The house sale closed at the end of July.

In June, Rachel Twigg Boyce, who has led the ministry from its beginning, resigned from her responsibilities as Executive Director effective the end of July. “We recognize Rachel’s gifts and dedication, and we are grateful for her visioning and competent leadership,” says board president Dan Nighswander.

Kathy McCamis, Community Pastor for the past two years, is working with community members to adjust to this change. Kathy’s commitment to the relationships she has developed is a wonderful demonstration of God’s love.

House Blend expresses gratitude to the many people who have participated in ministry through financial support, volunteering, prayer, and encouragement. The financial and other support of the Manitoba Mennonite Brethren family has made an impact on many lives.

As House Blend closes, they recognize that the material, spiritual and relational needs of people in their community are ongoing. They encourage the church to continue seeking ways to respond faithfully to God’s passion for “the least of these” and to the second commandment, to “love our neighbours as ourselves.”

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