In Your Corner

We love stories. We especially love stories that connect us to each other. For this year’s MBCM Assembly, our friend, David Balzer, had a vision – to seek out stories of what God was up to from the corners of our province.

Earlier in the year, David began a collaboration with the MBCM team to produce a series of short audio stories from the corners of our province as worship for Assembly 2023. “In Your Corner” is the result.

So turn up your volume or put in your earbuds and join us on a journey around the province and hear what God has been up to amongst us.

Click on the graphic to listen. Download available.

David Balzer, has been mentoring students at CMU in communications and media going on 14 years. Prior to that, he was a radio producer with FLN (now Square One World Media) for 12 years.