Learning together, sharing gifts, and inspiring one another.

This is almost the half-year anniversary for me in my role with MBCM as provincial director. It has been a privilege to begin journeying with you.

This summer, I had the opportunity to connect with Pastor Walter & Kelby from Steinbach MB. Partway through a tour of the church, Kelby shared their plans for the Fall preaching series. This included an invitation for their small groups to meet each week, follow up on the sermon, and seek to apply what they are learning. The focus of the sermon series is: Loving your neighbor.

At a recent pastors retreat, Walter had the privilege of connecting with Ann Marie Geddert of Jubilee Mennonite Church, who shared about their journey with “The Art of Neighboring,” a resource to help churches reach out into their community. As a result, Kelby invited Ann Marie to join them one Sunday morning, and share some stories. Steinbach MB has since launched a “Year of Neighboring” campaign. 

This story serves a great example of leaders and churches learning together, sharing their gifts, and inspiring one another to love Christ, and their neighbors. 

I am encouraged by the variety of stories that I have become aware of, much like this one. As we learn to understand one another, we then have the opportunity to share our resources along the way. May God continue to assist us in being creative in building His Kingdom and building up the body of Christ.

I particularly look forward to our Regional Meeting on Saturday, November 16, where we will have the opportunity to hear from one another regarding this and invite all Pastors, Leaders, and Members of our MB family to be a part of this conversation. Let’s do this, together.

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