MBCM hires director of church ministries

Gerald DyckMBCM is pleased to announce the appointment of Gerald Dyck as director of church ministries, effective October 1, 2016.

Gerald has been with Westside Community Church in Morden, Manitoba for 17 years. Originally serving as youth pastor and later community life pastor. He spent five years as the Winkler Flyers chaplain and currently coaches the Morden Thunder high school baseball team. Gerald has also served on the MBCM leadership board for 5 years, most recently as board moderator since 2014. He and Rachel have three children: Madeline, Isabela and Ezra.

Current conference pastor Keith Poysti announced his resignation, effective December 31, 2016. Gerald and Keith’s terms will overlap for orientation and mentoring.

Please join us in extending a very warm welcome to Gerald.