Ministry coordinator hired

Audry GoertzenMeet Audry Goertzen

MBCM is pleased to announce the hiring of Audry Goertzen as full-time ministry coordinator. In this role Audry will assist in the development and deployment of ministry resources; provide administrative assistance, and office management. She will also be MBCM’s lead event planner. We’re looking forward to having Audry join the team in January 2017.

Audry holds a B.A. from Providence University College (Otterbourne, MB), majoring in business administration and minoring in communications and media. She is passionate about aiding and empowering both groups and individuals to become kingdom builders and world changers. Born in Abbotsford, BC, she has spent most of her life in southeastern Manitoba, and four years living in Bolivia (where her father was raised). Her time in Bolivia instilled within her an appreciation for different cultures and inspired unending wanderlust.

She enjoys spending time with loved ones (including 2 nephews and a niece she can ramble on and on about) and a tight-knit group of friends, preferably while surrounded by nature, while eating really good food.