December 2013

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1. Sunday: “Forever Reign” is the focus of Advent worship services in La Salle. The MB church is excited to join other churches in an Advent Choir program today to proclaim God’s reign forever. Pastors: Ray Klassen, Darren Willems.

2. Monday: The office of the MB Church of Manitoba (Manitoba Conference) is moving to 1310 Taylor Ave. this week. Pray for a good transition for Elton DaSilva (Director) and Keith Poysti (Conference Pastor).

3. Tuesday: Dorothea Schalm finished her work as administrative assistant with the Manitoba Conference on Nov. 29. Pray for God’s care and leading as she seeks new employment.

4. Wednesday: Members of McIvor MB Church are inviting friends to the Community Christmas Party on Sunday, Dec. 8. Pray for good interaction with new families. Pastors: Gerald Hildebrand, Les Riediger.

5. Thursday: Members of the Crossroads Church are caroling at a seniors’ residence on Sunday, Dec. 8. Pray that the light of Jesus will shine through them and the Christmas carols. Pastor: Marvin Dyck.

6. Friday: “Home for Christmas” is the invitation to an evening at Portage Avenue Church today. Pray that the message of Jesus will be clearly shared with new people. Leader: Jose. Pastor: George Toews.

7. Saturday: We’re invited to pause and recognize our sinfulness before God – and to give thanks for Jesus who saves his people from their sins. Matthew 1.

8. Sunday: Believers in Thompson are enjoying their Christmas banquet today. Pray that the light and love of Jesus will shine into many homes. Pastor couple: Ted and Mary Goossen.

9. Monday: Students at SOUL (School of Urban Leadership) are learning about the “Foundation of Christian Mission” and about sharing the good news of Jesus with others. Teacher: Rachel Twigg Boyce.

10. Tuesday: Ewald Unruh has transitioned to the position of C2C Network Manitoba regional director, effective Oct. 1. He comes with a wealth of knowledge in church planting. Pray for joy and wisdom for Ewald and Linda in their ministry with new churches here.

11. Wednesday: Amid all the Christmas activity, let’s pause to pray God’s blessing and joy on our home church and on all who seek him.

12. Thursday: Walls of Freedom is having a Christmas party today for 300 people at Hugh John Macdonald School. Pray for new hope in Jesus for these families. Pastors: Jim and Jacqie Wiseman.

13. Friday: Christian Family Center is celebrating diversity at their Christmas banquet tomorrow with the Spanish Church that meets in their building. Pastors: Edgar French, Miguel.

14. Saturday: We’re invited to celebrate Immanuel, “God with us”, and to thank God for his presence among his people today. Matthew 1.

15. Sunday: Please pray for the Christmas concert at the Salem Church today as it reaches many children and families in the community. Pastor couple: Arno and Lena Fast.

16. Monday: The French church appreciates prayer for some members who have health concerns and also for newcomers who are adjusting to a new life in Canada. Pastor couple: Arisnel and Syvelie Mesidor.

17. Tuesday: Pray for believers in Cranberry Portage as they have many opportunities to pray and support First Nations Christian leaders in northern Manitoba. Leader: Bob Hay.

18. Wednesday: Eritrean believers have a passion for evangelism. Let’s pray with them that God would open doors to minister to the 4,000 Eritreans in Winnipeg. Pastor couple: Habtemicael and Senait Beraki.

19. Thursday: Roger Friesen is leaving his position as Director of Congregational Services on Dec. 31. We are thankful for his expertise and excellent work with Manitoba MB churches during the past five years. Let’s pray God’s joy and blessing on Roger and Anne.

20. Friday: Ethiopian believers are inviting friends and family to their Christmas service. Pray for open hearts to receive and respond to the good news of Jesus. Pastor couple: Yohannes Engida and Mihiret Neway.

21. Saturday: We’re invited to worship the King. Let’s bow down and worship him. Matthew 2.

22. Sunday: Sunday School children in Boissevain are telling the Christmas story today. Pray that children and adults will know God’s love for them. Pastor couple: Geoff and Kelly Unrau.

23. Monday: Friends from the community will come to the Christmas Eve services at the Eastview Church today and tomorrow. Pray that all will know that Jesus is the “Joy of every longing heart”. Pastors: Delbert Enns, Steve Dick.

24. Tuesday: There’s lots of joy and laughter at the Christmas Eve service in La Salle today. Pray that friends who come to watch the kids would clearly hear the gospel. Leaders: Darren and Val Willems.

25. Christmas Day: The Chinese church is celebrating Christmas at the Fort Garry MB Church today. Pray that new people will understand the true meaning of Christmas. Pastor couple: Luc and Hoa Tran.

26. Thursday: This can be a sad and difficult time for people who are grieving or struggling with illness. We pray for comfort and hope from the Lord.

27. Friday: After 19 years with the German ministry of Family Life Network, Jacob and Helen Funk are retiring on Dec. 31. May God bless them with rest, adventure, and purpose in their next endeavours.

28. Saturday: We’re invited to reflect on God’s faithful-ness in the past and to trust him for the future.

29. Sunday: Pray for God’s guidance for Rachel Twigg Boyce and the House Blend Ministries team as they work with and among poor people in Winnipeg.

30. Monday: McIvor MB Church is glad to welcome Justin Fraser as the new worship coordinator begin-ning January 1. Pray for joy and energy for Justin and Brittany in their ministry here.

31. Tuesday: Eritrean believers will begin the New Year with prayer, fasting, thanksgiving, and seeking God’s guidance for them. Pastor: Habtemicael Beraki.