November 2013

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1. Friday: McIvor MB Church is hosting a missions weekend with Dave and Louise Sinclair-Peters from Thailand and celebrating God’s work here at home and around the world. Pastor: Gerald Hildebrand.

2. Saturday: “Our Father in Heaven.” Prayer is talking to our Father who loves us and longs for a strong personal relationship with us. Matthew 6.

3. Sunday: Andrew Dyck and the CMU Singers are serving at the Lakeview Church in Killarney today. Praise God for new inspiration and connections. Pastor: David Gibson.

4. Monday: Nichole Forbes is serving as the new Children’s Pastor at the Westside Church in Morden. Pray for joy, energy, and creativity in her ministry.

5. Tuesday: Please pray for discernment and God’s guidance for the search committee of Friends Church in Carman as they seek to find a long-term pastor. Pray also for Jedidiah Carpentier who is helping as interim pastor at this time.

6. Wednesday: Mission mobilizers of the Crossroads MB Church are meeting today to consider current and future local and overseas mission initiatives. Leaders: Karen, Grace.

7. Thursday: Walls of Freedom is in need of two 9- or 12-passenger vans to pick up youth and resources. Please pray for vans for this ministry to families in the core area. Pastors: Jim and Jacqie Wiseman.

8. Friday: “Creating a community of spiritual forma-tion” is the focus of a leadership seminar for pastors at CMU this weekend. Pray for new insights and practical models for providing congregationally-based spiritual guidance. Presenter: Angela Reed.

9. Saturday: “Your kingdom come. Your will be done.” Prayer is focusing on God’s kingdom and being willing to do his will. Matthew 6.

10. Sunday: Fort Garry MB Church is celebrating 50 years of ministry today! Let’s pray God’s rich blessing on this church which is “rooted in the past and growing into the future”. Speaker: Dan Unrau. Pastor: Carl Heppner.

11. Monday: Praise God for the joyful ministry of Randall and Faith Krahn in Flin Flon. Pray for strength and wisdom as they serve a diverse group of people in a highly transient community.

12. Tuesday: Praise God for Donelda who is serving as the children’s ministry coordinator in the Thompson Church. Pray that the children and youth in Sunday School will be encouraged to live for Jesus.

13. Wednesday: C2C Manitoba is hosting celebration banquets today at the Eastview Church and tomorrow at the Winkler MB Church. It’s good to hear stories of how God is working through MB church planting in Manitoba. C2C Associate Director: Ewald Unruh.

14. Thursday: Women at Richmond Park Church in Brandon are learning more about “Jesus, the One and Only”. Praise God for a deeper appreciation of Jesus and his love for us. Leader: Jennifer Kramer.

15. Friday: Members of Portage Avenue Church are presenting the Prison Alpha course at Headingley Correctional Centre. Please pray for effective ministry and open hearts. Ministry Leader: Peggy.

16. Saturday: “Give us today our daily bread.” Prayer is asking God and also trusting him to provide for our everyday needs. Matthew 6.

17. Sunday: The North Kildonan MB Church is celebrating the baptism and commitment of new members today. Praise God for all who choose to follow him. Pastor: Victor Neufeld.

18. Monday: We thank God for the students and staff at MBCI. Let’s commit them and the activities at MBCI to the Lord today. Principal: Fred Pauls.

19. Tuesday: Pray for wisdom for Rachel Twigg Boyce as she leads House Blend Ministries. Pray that God will continue to draw people together into a caring community that worships and serves in the inner city.

20. Wednesday: Pastors are faced with many expectations and responsibilities in ministry. Pray that the pastor(s) in our church will experience grace and renewal in their daily walk with God.

21. Thursday: Kids from surrounding homes come to “J Club” at Jubilee Mennonite Church – a great chance to get to know them and share God’s love with them. Ministry Director: Anna Marie Geddert.

22. Friday: Friends of “Walls of Freedom” are invited to a banquet at North Kildonan MB Church today to celebrate what God is doing in the core area. Speaker: Elton DaSilva. Pastors: Jim and Jacqie Wiseman.

23. Saturday: “Forgive us … as we forgive others.” Prayer is acknowledging our sinful actions and asking for God’s forgiveness. Matthew 6.

24. Sunday: A mission team from Elm Creek is in Guadalajara, Mexico, Nov. 23 – Dec. 1 to renovate the new Matthew Training Centre. Pray for safety and meaningful ministry. Pastor: Jason Dyck.

25. Monday: This is a time of increased giving to MB missions and schools. Pray for generous financial support from friends and churches, so that ministry expenses are covered.

26. Tuesday: Grace Church in Cranberry Portage provides care for many people in times of crisis. Let’s uphold them in our prayers today. Leader: Bob Hay.

27. Wednesday: A faithful core of people meets at the Salem Community Bible Church every Wednesday to pray for the needs of the community and to study the Bible. Pastors: Arno and Lena Fast, Andy Rapko.

28. Thursday: Habtemicael Beraki brings a spirit of joy and faith in God to his ministry with Eritrean people in Winnipeg. Let’s pray for God’s abundant blessing on Habtemicael and Senait.

29. Friday: Members of the French church are praying that the Lord will help them grow spiritually and numerically. Let’s encourage them with our prayers. Pastor couple: Arisnel and Syvelie Mesidor.

30. Saturday: “Deliver us from the evil one.” Prayer is asking for God’s protection and deliverance from the real forces of the evil one. Matthew 6.