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and members of the Mennonite Brethren Community. 

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Discussion Topic: Good Intentions are Not Enough: Frank Talk about Pastoral Vulnerabilities

with Speaker Carolyn Klassen

Most every pastor knows multiple stories of pastoral failings where churches are crushed, believers are disillusioned, victims are scarred, families are devastated and ministries end. We all grieve it happened—and might even assume it happens “over there” and couldn’t happen “here”. Nobody plans to have this happen to them—which is, perhaps, a problem. #Churchtoo exists in a broken world that hasn’t always allowed safe and reflective space for pastors to understand how their own wounded and vulnerable spirits can create a vulnerability for devastating choices. Carolyn Klassen, a therapist in Winnipeg, will be leading us through an interactive day to create a space to personally and collectively learn, reflect, and dialogue around the issues that create those vulnerabilities.

Bio: Carolyn Klassen is a therapist in Winnipeg, and speaker at Wired for Connection. Her many years of providing therapy equips her with a wealth of knowledge about people and topics including grief, pain, anxiety, depression, joy, and grace. Her presentations are interesting, laced with story, rooted in scientific research, while being real and profoundly human. She has a Master’s Degree in therapy, is an author, and frequently appears on news programs as an expert on relationships and mental health.

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