Nuts & Bolts

POSTPONED – The Nov 26th Nuts & Bolts date has been postponed. New date below.

An equipping series for leaders, pastors,
and members of the Mennonite Brethren Community. 

January 26  |  10 am – 2:30pm

Discussion Topic – Masks, Vaccines & Politics: How to have hard conversations

At Nut and Bolts on January 26th, we’ll explore two related conversations. In the morning, we’ll have a panel discussion with participants in EQUIP 2021. Together we’ll grapple with the techniques offered and consider possible applications in your setting. Additionally, you will be introduced to street epistemology. We’ll explore if aspects of this critical thinking approach have utility in both tough conversations and tough preaching topics.

In the afternoon, we’ll have a hard conversation! From a theological viewpoint, should Christians be vaccinated? Do we have a theological imperative? What theological grounds should we stand on as we head into uncharted territory of increased pressure on everyone to be vaccinated?

Vaccinated only for in-person.

For the in-person part of this hybrid event, fully vaccinated pastors only. Those who have chosen to remain unvaccinated are invited to join on ZOOM. We know that there will be a number of people online. Reasons are varied, from travel distance to ease of schedule.

There is a lot of tension and dread that pops up with the consideration to have a Christian event that excludes those you have chosen to remain unvaccinated. It simply feels wrong. If you disagree with this decision, we get it. This decision might exclude someone who is at risk of marginalization. And the alternative decision will exclude someone else. So, who do we exclude? This is a choice without an easy answer. It’s not something that we like or want to get used to. Thank you for your understanding and grace if understanding is elusive.

What to expect when you arrive at Westwood.

Please have your proof of vaccination and government issued ID ready. Honor system is not acceptable here. Even though we know each other we are going to choose to follow the steps of verification. Thank you for your patience.

In person participants will need to wear masks. You can remove your mask to eat or drink.

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