PostureShift Postponed

October 13, 2020


On October 7, a group of MBCM leaders met in person to the degree that it was possible, with others via zoom, to work toward the following outcome. A strategy in place that accurately reflects our path forward, honors our confessional convictions and leads our churches to be places where LGBTQ+ persons experience the love and care of Jesus.

We recognized the discouraging necessity of this kind of sentiment, as every person should be able to experience the love and care of Jesus in our churches, and yet acknowledge that this hasn’t been the case for some. We made good progress in our conversation and look forward to moving this strategy forward in the days to come.

One space of discernment was the timing of PostureShift. There was universal agreement that PostureShift would be a significantly positive resource for our churches, leaders and families toward a better future. We also recognize that this moment in time carries significant weight that works to diminish investment in a resource like PostureShift. People are focused on survival and the necessary in the midst of pandemic uncertainty. That’s ok, it’s kind of a big deal. In light of this reality, we have decided to postpone PostureShift until we can more fully engage with this important resource as a larger community.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more opportunities to engage in resourcing opportunities. Thank you for your understanding.