Prayer Requests (Nov 2020)

November 26, 2020

– Pray for people in our community as they look for housing as the cold approaches. Pray for perseverance & courage as they seek to get off the street. Pray for those of us who are advocating and trying to help them as well.

– Like all churches, we are struggling to stay connected. Many of the people that are part of our community have no other means of connection (online, phone, etc). Pray that we will be able to find creative ways to remain a positive presence in people’s lives.
-We are grateful for those who continue to support the work of One88 in this economic climate. Pray for the on-going sustainability of this work in the downtown, particularly as we look to expand our network.
 – Pray that we would have enough food for community families during this challenging season 
– Pray for enough funds to continue providing emergency services  
– Pray for God to create new connections with our northern partners and put us in contact with new partners during the pandemic

Please pray for peace in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Habtemicael Beraki is one of our lead pastors (Philadelphia Eritrean Church) in the family of the Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba. Habtemicael has two brothers living in Mikele, the capital of Tigray in Ethiopia. All communication with his family has been cut off. Here’s some news on the matter.

From Pastor Habtemicael. “First of all I would like to say peace and grace for all brothers and sisters in Christ. I am writing this on behalf of all Ethiopians and Eritreans. Our countries are in a terrible war situation and our peoples are between life and death and now in the moment thousands are dying. So we need your urgent prayers.”