Delighting in Scripture: Sola Scriptura at 500 years

Includes a half-day preaching clinic:
The Word Wore Red: Reimagining Preaching for the 21st Century World

500 years after the Reformation and sola Scriptura, how might the church (re)claim the Bible as the centre of its life, so that all its conversation, deliberation, and programs are continually reoriented to its demands and promises?

How does Scripture exercise its authority? How might the Bible become alive and vibrant among us, deepening our spiritual and ethical lives? How might coming to Scripture become a joy rather than a task?

Come, delight and engage in questions like these through presentation, stories, prayer, and worship!

Keynote Speakers

Tim Geddert (Professor of New Testament, Fresno Pacific University)
Meghan Good (Teaching Pastor, Trinity Mennonite Church, Glendale, Arizona)
Gerald Gerbrandt (President Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Bible, CMU)

Delighting in Scripture: A Festival

A Treasure Old & New: Scripture as it Was, and Can Be Again
Reading Ourselves into Scripture
Scripture, Prayer and Meditation
Scripture and Song
Scripture Unbounded: Participating in the Bible’s Drama
Scripture in Art over the Centuries
Transcribing Scripture in a Scriptorium
Vital Issues in Reading Scripture

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