Eating Together, Hospitality and the Gifts from a Shared Meal

Shared meals hold a special place in our lives, fostering a sense of unity, compassion, and fellowship. Like in the scriptures, where many significant moments happened around a table, modern-day potlucks within our churches provide joy, connection, and spiritual nourishment. Read how some of our churches are finding ways to bring food into their services!

In Your Corner

Earlier in the year, David began a collaboration with the MBCM team to produce a series of short audio stories from the corners of our province as worship for Assembly 2023. “In Your Corner” is the result.

Ten Years Stronger

Reflecting on ten years in ministry is not always an easy task. Scott Isaak shares his journey to full-time ministry and his ten years as the Crossway Youth Pastor. Join our conversation as we talk through the early days of leadership and reflect on the wisdom that can come after ten years of living and serving in Elm Creek.

Because Jesus

Kristen and Caleb are community-minded pastors who have experienced the body of Christ as foundational for their faith. Their experience through college and in their church testifies to our innate need for each other. We met with them to find out more about their story and what they’ve been up to at the Community Fellowship Church in Newton.

The Spirit of MDS

During the Christmas season, we often look for extra ways to spread the joy and excitement of the season by blessing our family, our friends, co-workers and neighbours. This is also the time that we look around us for the people in our community, towns…

Multiply Focus Interns Prepare for International Missions in Winnipeg

Multiply is sending another group of missionaries into the field this month from their Focus Internship program. The Focus Internship is a 9 month program that teaches, trains, and equips eager Christians to walk in step with Jesus as they enter the missions field. The…

FaithWorks Celebrates 20 Years of Ministry

FaithWorks celebrated 20 years of ministry this past month, with a focus on the people who committed to growing this community’s mission. “The mission of the church from the beginning is right in the name,” said lead pastor, Melanie Unger. “It’s a dual-track focus. Spiritual…

A New Season for Janelle Braun

Janelle Braun has been working with MBCM for five years in the area of Leadership Development. She has been on maternity leave for the last year with her second son and will not be returning to work this fall. We want to look back at…

Southern Churches supporting Northern ministry at Simonhouse Bible Camp

It’s been a hard-hitting few years for summer camps and Simonhouse Bible Camp is no exception, but with the help of some of our MB churches they are getting ready to dive into summer programs in 2023. Simonhouse had to cancel their programs in 2020…

Open Hands to Reconciliation

Selkirk Community Church (SCC) is a small congregation of about 50 – 60 people. The church recently built a brand new building with the intention of making it a space the entire community could benefit from. These were big plans for a small congregation, but…