Share the wealth


A lot of creativity has been coming out of our churches discovering ways we can connect in a season of physical distancing. Much of it revolves around things like Zoom, Facebook, FaceTime and other online platforms that bring us together. But as you may have seen in the media lately, many people in our province do not have the same access as you and I.

River East Church has a ministry called CareLinks, which has been organizing food drives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read this snapshot from Pastor Mary Anne:

These used clean towels and groceries were collected and delivered to Siloam Mission by the CareLinks (think deacons) of River East Church. 

Charles Enns of Siloam Mission writes that with “Siloam Mission not having volunteers to sort clothing, we have not been able to restock our towel supply. With limited staff and no volunteers it has been next to impossible to try and find towels in our unsorted clothes. With this donation of towels, we will be able to get rid of our tattered/small towels for showering in our shelter. Trust me when I say that our shelter guests will be over the moon when they get to use these towels!” 

The food donations are used by Siloam Mission to help support people living in their own apartment. Their transition service program helps individuals transition from living in the shelter to living on their own. With COVID-19 Siloam has been handing out food hampers much more often to help these individuals stay home. 

This is the second contactless collection organized by River East Church after learning of the needs of Winnipeg’s homeless. The opportunity to give dovetails well with the extra spring cleaning that’s happening in many households. 

People email their address to CareLinks, then, on the designated day, place their donations outside their door for pick up. Collection volunteers stay outdoors. Apartment residents, however, are determined to participate as well. Some contacted neighbours for donations, collected them in a cart and did a careful hand-off when collectors arrived.

Mary Anne Isaak

River East Church

Other churches are finding similar ways to gather up their collective wealth and help those who have less. If you are looking for ways to serve and places to give, we have three churches who are in relationship with people who would be deeply blessed by your donations.  

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