Storytelling resources

Before there were marketing agencies and ad campaigns, and long before social media, there was the story. Big ideas, shared experiences and deep convictions are best expressed in story-form. Storytelling is also an effective way to encourage others and celebrate people and accomplishments. Everybody has a story to tell, but not everybody has the means or platform do so effectively. How is your church making room for people to share their faith stories? How does your church share its story with the world around them? 

Here’s a collection of links that include tips, techniques and practical tools to help you hone your story-telling skills.

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Royalty-free music licensing (paid):
2018 Social media image size cheat sheet:
Wistia video production tips and tutorials:
Wistia: The Best Way to Shoot a Video by Yourself: online learning:

Neewer dimmable bi-color LED lighting (Amazon):
Glide Gear iPad smartphone teleprompter (BH Photo):
Iographer smartphone grips/cases:

Halide, iOS camera ($5):
Enlight, iOS camera (free):
FiLMic Pro, iOS and Android ($15):
Teleprompter Premium ($16):