Turn the next corner

April 13, 2021

Amanda Leighton

April brings with it a season of change. The snow melts away, giving space for what was hidden beneath it to wake up. Spring can signify new beginnings and can be energizing! But this spring feels a bit mixed to me. I still feel the energy of new life and the opportunities it brings, but I am also feeling some apprehension…a small but tempering tug. I suppose this is the result of living through a pandemic – every time we turn a familiar corner, there will also be something we can’t predict. I suppose that’s true about life in general.

Some months ago (has it been years?), four of us were sitting around Cam’s table before our weekly staff meeting in prayer.  One of us brought the image of God on God’s throne, looking down on everything below.  At first, this picture brought to my mind a weeping God witnessing all of the brokenness and grief of this world. But this was followed by a picture of how God also sees goodness, mercy, compassion and kindness. I was reminded once again of how God’s perspective is not mine.

In light of this, I imagine God present with us as we turn the next corner together…God with us as we kneel in our gardens, encourage our congregations and teach our students. God in us as we meet online or go for a quiet walk with a friend. There’s something wonderfully mysterious about how our caring presence reflects God’s. Wherever you find yourself– be it farming, pastoring, folding laundry, and so on – may we be people who find ways to be reminded of God’s ever-present care & compassion with us and through us.