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PostureShift Intensive Event  |  September 29-30 

Posture Shift Intensive is a biblically sound, missiological training for church leaders, ministry teams, lay leaders, and family members. With over 15 years of time-tested expertise training over 60,000 leaders, Posture Shift meets the need for practical, tangible, specific guidance in real-life care for LGBT+ individuals and their families in your church.

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Boats, Booths and the Body

Our church has found itself living in the third camp for the past 15 months. There is an acceptance that COVID is among us and a desire to find ways to live well through it. A recent example of this was the SOAR program run by Multiply at the end of March.

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A Call to Reconciliation

Our thanks to Kathy Rieder Heppner(Fort Gary MB) for providing this list of ways to engage and learn about the history of the residential schools in Canada. We share these with Kathy’s permission.

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June 10 - 12, 2021
September 29 & 30, 2021

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