Spiritual Health and Theology

 MBCM has resources and opportunities available for continued spiritual care and theological discernment through our office and through the Provincial Faith and Life Team (PFLT) - an elected group of credentialed persons from within the MBCM community.

Confession of Faith

Canadian Mennonite Brethren believe that the Bible, from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22, is telling the Triune God’s grand and beautiful story of redemption, healing, and renewal for all creation. Canadian Mennonite Brethren are part of an international Mennonite Brethren family who together share the following biblical-theological vision for what the Triune God has done, is doing, and will do in our world. The CCMBC Confession of Faith is our articulation of that vision.

CCMBC Confession of Faith 

Pastor Credentialing

The credentialing process is a key element in the formation of what we often describe as a “covenant relationship” with the provincial and national MB family. Credentialing establishes the foundation for mutual care and mutual obligations between the local leader and the provincial and national MB family. In credentialing, the leader commits to shared theological and ethical convictions as articulated in the MB Confession of Faith (1999; 2021), to shared mission, and to shared relationships of accountability and support.

For further information, please reach out to Jason Dyck, the Director of Church Ministries.

Spiritual Health and Theology MBCM Credentialing Policy
For more details, download the full policy as a PDF.
Spiritual Health and Theology Credentialling Questionnaire
Intended for those who are in the credentialling process.
Spiritual Health and Theology Spousal Reference
For the spouse of someone in the credentialling process (where applicable).
Spiritual Health and Theology Reference
To be used by someone who has been asked to be areference for someone in the credentialing process.

Related Events

MBCM hosts a number of events throughout the year that are aimed to foster community hermeneutic and spiritual care.

  • Refresh Pastor’s Retreat - Our annual pastor’s retreat is for pastors and spouses to experience a refreshing time with friends and colleagues. More information here.

  • Nuts & Bolts - Nuts and Bolts is an equipping series for pastors of the Mennonite Brethren Community. In general, the purpose of these gatherings is to spend time in discussion around a specific topic relevant to our church and church leadership. More information here.

  • Regional Pastor Groups - Small groups of pastors meet regularly to engage in collegial relationships, learn from each other and pray for each other.