Organizational Health

Healthy disciple-making communities are supported by healthy organizational culture, structures, and systems. MBCM works to provide our churches with the resources they need to build healthy structures and systems within their churches and ministries. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to us!

MBCM Constitution

Lord, we humbly bring the words of this Constitution before You and we pray for the health of our denomination and conference of churches. While we understand that these words are written under the authority of government acts, we proclaim that our heart, soul, mind and strength are dedicated to You, and to Your service to bring You glory. Lord, please help all who seek guidance in this Constitution to deal with one another according to Your words in scripture under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Link to Constitution 

MBCM Policies

Organizational Health MBCM Credentialing Policy
Organizational Health Ministerial Misconduct Policy
Organizational Health Safe Place Policy
MBCM has a robust Safe Place Policy that all our churches adhere to.

Finance & Administration

Organizational Health E-transfers
Tired of writing cheques? MBCM accepts e-transfers
Organizational Health Supplementary Unemployment Benefits (SUB) Plan
MBCM is enrolled in the Service Canada SUB Plan which provides all our churches with additional longer term disability.
Organizational Health Salary Grid 2024
The MBCM Salary Grid is provided annually in November.
Organizational Health Benefits
CCMBC administers the group insurance benefits plan for employees and retirees of MB churches and organizations
Organizational Health Pension Plan
The pension plan is a defined contribution plan, totally funded for employees of MB churches and organizations.

Policies your church needs

Writing policies can be an overwhelming task for any organization. Sometimes we just need a place to start. Below are templates and examples of what your church or organization might want to include. Can’t find what you are looking for here? Reach out to us!

Organizational Health Pastoral Staff Employment Policy Template
Organizational Health Pastoral Staff Employment Agreement Template
Organizational Health “Must Have” Policies

Pastoral Transition Resources


Pastor turnover is an experience that every church navigates. Ensuring that these transitions are accomplished with care and professionalism is critical to a church’s ongoing health. MBCM is committed to supporting our churches in these moments.

We have generated a guide for the search process and are available to join you in this process. Whether that’s a conversation with your search team or leadership group, please feel free to reach out during this time.

One practice that MBCM churches have grown to appreciate is that an MBCM staff member will interview a candidate in the discernment process. Please connect with us so that we can describe this process to you.

Ending Well

Regardless of how a pastor's time at your church comes to an end, there are details to process. Whether the ending is retirement, resignation or termination, we would value the opportunity to hear from you and support you through this process. Some endings are straightforward, but others are confusing and painful. We want to help you in these times.

Organizational Health Pastoral Staff Employment Policy
Organizational Health Manitoba employment standards
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