The MBCM Core Service Model

MBCM has been working hard at developing and implementing a system that clearly identifies our deliverables. Our core services model (see Fig. 1) is how we frame the programs, resources and services that we provide to our churches. By setting parameters, we can focus on specific areas to deploy resources and develop services.

Core service model

This way of operating flows out of our belief that the local church is the holder of the mission and that we (MBCM office and staff) exist in support of that mission.

2014 Distribution of Conference finances across each core service area.

2014 Distribution of Conference finances across each core service area.

This new way of organizing our services will allow us to achieve the following:

  • Provide balance of resources among all four core service areas
  • Pursue key partnerships in order to provide services in a specific core area
  • Better communicate and promote available resources
  • A change in language, moving the focus away from agencies and portfolios to services and resources
  • Effectively coordinate our event calendar
  • Clearly show how our financial resources are being used (see Fig.2)
  • Identify needs related to a specific Core Service Areas
  • Better communicate the work of the Conference office.

MBCM provides the following services:


Nurturing healthy relationships and partnerships in order to foster a unified mission and identity”

  • Assembly
  • Pastor & spouses retreat
  • Regional leadership clusters
  • Engaging with lead pastors & teams
  • Pastoral care for pastors & leadership
  • Church visits & preaching support
  • Crisis support & conflict resolution
  • E-newsletters, prayer bulletin,
    social media, website
  • Faith & life committee

Providing the tools and resources for churches to achieve their mission

  • Charitable support
  • Policy & governance resources
  • CRA support & counsel
  • Administrative & structural resources
  • Church Unity Project
    (Conflict resolution training)
  • Pastoral transitions & searches
  • Insurance support & counsel
  • Facilitating church mortgage approvals
  • Pastoral & staff evaluation support
  • Transitional leadership
  • Salary guidelines
  • Focused Ministry process tool

Planting new churches and helping existing churches to multiply.

  • Assessment
  • SOMA One Day
  • Church planting retreat & banquets
  • Coaching
  • Financial support
  • Internships
  • Church multiplication resources
  • Planter apprentices
  • Church consultation for multiplication

Identifying, training and resourcing church leaders.

  • Pastoral ministry committee
  • Coaching training (L2L Coach Me)
  • Gospel coaching
  • Workshops & conferences
  • Church leadership training
    (Board orientation)
  • CMU / MBBS
  • Student bursaries
  • Continuing education bursary
  • Camp ministry
  • TREK Canada internship
  • Assessment
  • Masters in Christian Ministry apprenticeship program
  • Coaching & mentoring relationships