Exclusive wireless offer for MBCM churches, staff and their families

What is the new MBCM mobile phone plan?

With 250 MB churches in Canada, CCMBC has negotiated a national offer with Bell in partnership with Preston Mobility that allows MBCM to provide better rates for church staff and their family members

What kind of features does the 3 year mobile plan include?

  • Unlimited Canada/USA/International text
  • Unlimited calling Canada-wide and Canada-USA
  • 3 Gb (or more) of data can be pooled among devices
  • You can bring your own phone or purchase a new phone
  • Online billing portal with 24 x 7 customer support, and more.
  • Click here to read the FAQ document (PDF).

What does it cost?

Here are a few examples:

[table id=7 /] *The phone cost depends on make/model. Example: A new iPhone SE is $0 and new iPhone 7 (32Gb) costs $250.

If you are not currently a Bell customer, you will receive $350 in conversion credit that can be used to cover penalties for leaving an existing plan, or just use to pay your first 5-6 months. You also receive $150 towards upgrading to a new phone.

Who can enroll?

Any MB church may join to enroll their staff and leadership team. The church may also offer the plan to the family members of staff. For example, a church of 4 staff could pool their data to share 4x3Gb=12Gb of data. Or a family with 3 devices could pool their data to share 3x3Gb=9Gb of data.

What is the process?

  1. Go to web page and use the contact form to ask Preston Mobility for a free quote to see what your church could save on its current devices: www.prestonmobility.com/ccmbc
  2. Download the church contract and email to Audry Goertzen.
    • Click here to download the church contract (PDF) to sign and email
    • Click here to download the Employee/Family contract (.docx) for the church’s internal use. Note: The church can use the Employee/Family contract to extend this plan directly to church employee/family members.
  3. Confirm your quote and place your order directly with Preston Mobility, or go to the web page to order additional devices: www.prestonmobility.com/ccmbcorder
  4. You will receive an account and login to your own billing portal where you can manage the devices on your account.